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DFW Top Dishes

Do you have what it takes to compete with other chefs and get your dishes shown here in the DFW top dishes gallery? Prove your skills in the most fun, intense DFW food competitions here in Dallas, Texas.

“The Chef behind DallasFoodWar.”

Chef Danny is from Beaumont Texas. Presently an executive chef for a fortune 500 company here in the Dallas area. His culinary background come from his grandmother, mother, aunty and uncle. Chef Danny has been self taught in the culinary industry For the last 10 years, while traveling all over the world learning other cooking techniques from other world renowned chefs. Chef Danny wanted to create and start Dallasfoodwar to give other self taught chefs/ home cooks an opportunity and a platform To showcase their exquisite chef skills and talents.
Chef danny

tevin young

Congratulations Tevin Young of Dallas, Texas. You are the very first DallasFoodWar winning chef. Cooking is not just a skill. It is a science – understanding how multiple things react to each other on the plate. It is an art – understanding how food interacts with the senses not just through taste but also visually and your prepared dishes serves as the pinnacle of this skill. Congratulations  Chef Tevin!

Compete with 2 others in a 3 round 90 minute competition!


All chefs are required to prepare 1 Dish Every 30 minutes. All work stations will be shared and all safety guidelines must be followed including, the wearing of MASK to protect everyone within the shared space.

the competition

Move to the next round by bringing your A-Game and creating your best food dish within the 30-minute timeframe. Chefs could be disqualified or eliminated if the prepared dish is not on a plate in front of each Judge at the end of the 30-minute Deadline. 

The winner

At the end of each round, all competing chefs dishes will be judged on 3 determining factors: FLAVORS/TASTE, CREATIVITY and PRESENTATION. The winner will take home a $250 grand prize and be awarded DallasFoodWar’s winning chef. The Winning dishes will also be featured across all of DallasFoodWar platforms for the world to see your work.

DallasFoodWar Competition Gallery

The team here at DallasFoodWar take extreme amounts of pride in bringing our community together to create rewarding, fun, everlasting memories that all participants will remember for every step of their professional journey.

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