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Dallas Texas

Covid 19 Food Challenge

Event Date: Feb 19 2021

Compete with two others in a 3 round 90 minutes competition!

Call out your chef friend, sister or brother? How about mom? Mother-in-law or your dad. Don’t forget about granny & pawpaw!

Compete against them or let DallasFoodwars match you with your competitors.

$250 awarded to the winner!

Meet The Contestants

Chef’s (vegan,Pastry) Is Required Preparing 1 Dish Every 30 minutes and working In The same Space Safely & Masked up! Move to Next Round By Bringing Your A Game and Creating your Best Food Dish. Judges will be looking for:


Flavor considerations will be based on the balance of flavors and ingredients used by the cook. Judges are instructed to NOT use personal bias when it comes to spicy or savory preferences.


It innovates not only in aromas and tastes, but the visual presentation of the dishes served in the kitchen. The creative cuisine is a concept that is applied in gastronomy to designate that kind of cuisine that stands just as its name implies CREATIVE.


Is it pleasing to the eye? Does it look appetizing? Do you want to take a big bite out of it right now? Presentation is scored based on how your dish is presented to the judges.

There will be A 3 Parts 30 Minutes Sessions Due To COVID-19 Restrictions All Chef’s Will be responsible To Bring all Food Supplies & Equipment Pots,Knifes,Tasting Spoons,Serving Plates or Bowls etc.

Event Fees


VIP JUDGE: $45.00 (Includes Food Tasting From All Chefs Competing & food Tasting from selected Vendors! + DallasFoodwars Apron or T-shirt)

ADULT SPECTATORS: $20.00 (Includes Food Tasting From Selected Vendors Only)

PREMIUM DRINK : $15 Special mixologist will be serving premium cocktails. (3 drink minimum)

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